A Koshersoul Response To the Producers of “Kosher Soul”

Michael Twitty is spot on. Read, please.


A Letter to Ish Entertainment and the Producers of “Kosher Soul”:

I got a tweet Monday night I should probably pass on to you:

“@koshersoul tv show look soooo funny #koshersoul”

The Tree of Life by Jasper Colt The Tree of Life by Jasper Colt

I was mortified. It’s official, the thing I have railed against in my crusade for culinary and cultural  justice had come for me: my name, established  long before someone got the bright idea for a merger of ethnic stereotypes, has been compromised  by your “sense” of “koshersoul.”

Appropriation—the big word that seems to have been repeatedly hurled from London to Tokyo—un-reciprocated and unwelcome borrowing, or if you will outright theft of the cultural and artistic production of “others” seems too obvious to even whisper here so I will leave it up to my readers to decide whether you in bad faith decided to nab my moniker for your own purposes or if…

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